The Inside Vet Guy Story

LOWER YOUR VET BILL was created to “level the playing field” where ALL pet owners could understand where the discounts in veterinary care are and how to make it work for them!

Our inside information comes from Veterinarians (both active and Retired), Veterinary Technicians, Veterinary Assistants, Kennel Staff, Intake and Reception Staff, Office Managers, Practice Owners ,and various Consultants in the Veterinary industry.

Each and every pet deserves to be provided with the right medical attention and when their owners can afford to care for them properly – everyone comes out a winner.

From the basics of Vaccines and Minor Ailments, to Prescription Medications and more Intensive Medical Treatments and Emergency and Critical Care, pet owners now have a resource to use that ensures they have the FACTS they need to navigate the sometimes confusing waters of the Veterinary Industry.