Client Discounts

Client Discounts

Probably the easiest (and most over-looked) way to save on Veterinary care is the in-clinic discount.

These discounts are readily available for a variety of pet owners – but are often overlooked by the veterinary staff .For the pet owner, getting this 10 to 15% reduction off the cost of their services is as easy as just asking for it.

The most common discounts are:

The Multi-pet Discount – usually offered to any veterinary client that has three or more pets on file at their Veterinary clinic.

The Seniors Discount – generally offered to clients 60 or 65 years of age and older

– The Low Income Discount – often available to pet owners who are on Disability or some other form of government assistance.

Military Discount – many veterinary clinics offer their services at a discounted rate to clients who are members of the Armed Forces.

Specialty/Service Animal Discount – this type of discount is offered to pet owners that have pets used for medical or specialty work reasons. This includes Seeing-eye dogs, Seizure alert pets, pets used for PTSD, Anxiety and Depression, Search and Rescue, Police Work, Drug & Explosives Detection and more.

Foster Animal or Animal Rescue Worker Discount. – Many veterinary clinics offer a discount to people who foster and care for animals in the care of Humane Societies of Animal rescue groups.

If you fall into one of the above categories, just ask your Veterinarian if you qualify for one of these automatic discounts. This extra 10 or 15% generally comes off all types of services including yearly Vaccinations, Spay and Neuter procedures, Emergency surgeries, X-rays, Bloodwork, Hospitalization, Ultrasounds and other various Examinations and re-checks.

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