Home Care – An Option for You and Your Pet

Home Care – An option for You and your Pet?

One of the most costly aspects of veterinary care is Hospitalization.

Often pets will need to stay at the vet hospital after surgery, or during the treatment of an illness as they need to be monitored by trained staff, and or are hooked up to monitoring equipment or an Intravenous machine.

In many cases, a pet could convalesce at home, saving the pet undue stress – and saving the owner extra expense.

Often, most pets are left alone overnight in an empty clinic. Unless it is a Full -Service specialty clinic or After-Hours Emergency hospital, most clinics have no over-night staff on duty. Some clinics will have staff come in to periodically check on hospitalized patients throughout a night or weekend when they are closed, but not often.

There are a myriad of issues that can happen during these “unattended” hours. Intravenous lines get kinked or occluded causing the unit to shut down, pets chew and rip-out catheters, get limbs and heads caught in bedding, raised platforms and kennel doors. Pets get out from under warm bedding then get chilled, or others get overheated by being unable to move. Pressure sores or fluid pooling in the lungs or abdomen can occur from lying in the same spot/ on the same side for several hours on end. Often anxiety from the stress of illness and being in a strange place can cause an animal to panic and possibly injure itself.

If you have a quiet, safe and restricted area to put your pet at home, and, you feel you can provide adequate care (either by yourself, or by paying a trained caregiver to assist) ask your vet about bringing your pet home. Even animals on intravenous fluids are able to be looked after in a home setting. There are inexpensive units that connect to an I.V bag that allows it to “flow” naturally via gravity without the need for a machine. Many animals can be given oral medications, and/or injectable drugs to tide them over the night or weekend.

With a little instruction, the average pet owner can learn how to temporarily care for their pet at home in order to help it through its medical crisis.

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