Medications – Save Money on Prescription Re-Fills

Medications – Save Money on Prescription Re-Fills

At some point in its life, your pet will most likely be issued a prescription for some form of illness or ailment.

When your pet ends up on a long-term medication, an avoidable additional expense is lurking – and it can be curbed just by asking a couple questions.

Long term medications such as pain meds, thyroid pills, heart drugs, steroids, liver and kidney meds and supplements as well as a host of other drugs are often prescribed in Monthly or Bi-Monthly doses. Each medication will have an initial dispensing fee, then a re-fill fee each time you re-new that prescription. Often these medications are going to be dispensed for the life of your pet, thus you can see where this can be financially beneficial for veterinary clinics.

The average prescription re-fill fee is anywhere from $8 to $15 for each medication.  A little quick math shows that a pet owner getting just ONE medication re-filled each month at say, $10 per re-fill, is paying out $120 each year – just on the re-fill costs alone, not even counting in the cost of the medication itself! This $120 would cover their pets yearly vaccines at most clinics. This is money that can mostly be saved by purchasing medications for several months at a time. Unless some type of follow-up testing is required, there is no real reason that your vet cannot fill several months’ worth of medication at one time. If the pet owner can afford two, or three or six months worth of medication at one time, they should try to do so. The only time not recommended for this practice is when a pet is ailing and their life span is not expected to sustain for much longer since medications that have been opened and filled cannot be returned for a monetary return.

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