How Much (Really) is the Dog in the Window?

How Much (Really) is the Dog in the Window?

There are few things that bring as much happiness as getting a new pet.

Whether a puppy or kitten, adult dog or cat – all pet lovers cherish the day they bring it home.

Many people, however, fail to take in to consideration all the costs that are going to be required in the first year – often leading to financial problems that could have been avoided.

For a puppy or kitten – almost every expense will be new. Unless there was another dog or cat in the home – there will be bowls, leashes, collars, cages, carriers, beds and toys to buy. And these are the least of the expenses. First year vaccinations, de-worming, and neutering/spaying surgeries are the high-ticket items. First year costs for a new puppy or kitten average around $1000not including food or, the actual purchase or adoption cost of the animal.

Depending on the lifestyle of the pet owner(s), it is often a better choice to obtain an adult animal that has already had all of its vaccinations and   has already been spayed or neutered.

Adult pets often have already had some type of command training – saving the cost of obedience classes and are easier to care for as they are past the litter and house-training stage. For dog owners, this often saves the cost of having someone come to the house while they are away to let the puppy out for bathroom breaks, or leaving it at a day care facility.

Adoption fees are much less on adult pets, and often dogs and cats can be gotten for a small fee from owners who can no longer offer the pet the home it needs.

On the flip side, one must thoroughly research the adult pet they are considering. Has it had all of its’ proper vaccinations?  Does it have medical issues that require a temporary or long-term investment? Is it on a special, higher-priced diet?  Is there any way of finding out who the original breeder was if it is a purebred animal? or anyone who has one if its’ littermates? (this is often an excellent way do discover unknown genetic issues that may develop in the pet down the road)

Pets are a lifetime commitment – averaging from 10 to 18 years of financial obligation depending on the pet and its age when acquired. One must take into consideration the everyday costs that will be associated with their pet.. The larger the animal – the higher almost every cost will be(food, medications, surgeries, pet sitting, etc)

.A little extra thought and planning when choosing  a new pet can go a long way to ensuring that it will be a joyful, and affordable experience.

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