Options When You Can’t Afford to Keep Your Pet

Options When You Can’t Afford to Keep Your Pet

For many pet owners, there will come a time when they can no longer afford to keep their pet and must resort to finding at new home. Whether it be an expensive illness or condition that you pet has contracted, or simply financial changes in your household (such as loss of a job, a divorce, etc) you may be faced with the heartbreaking dilemma of where to send your pet to live where it can get the care it the care it needs and deserves.

The very first option that should be considered is FAMILY. Parents, children, siblings, cousins or nephews are always a good first place to start looking for a new home. These are people whom your pet already is familiar with, and you have a good idea of their moral character and ability to look after your furry friend. For many people, the comfort of being able to visit the pet in the future is very appealing and often aids in reducing the heartache associated with giving up a pet.

The next most logical option is FRIENDS and CO-WORKERS. These are people whom you also know relatively well and who may have at some time in the past, met your pet. By having some close knowledge of them and sometimes their families, you will have a good idea of whether they can financially afford to provide for your pet. Also, with friends and co-workers, you will be able to get information on how your pet is doing and possibly see him or her in the future if acceptable to both you and/or the new caregiver.

With no success in the first couple groups of people, the next best option is through your Veterinary team. Your veterinary staff have access to hundreds of loving pet owners that may be looking for another pet to add to their family, or to replace one that has recently died. Veterinary staff have a good knowledge of who would have the time, skills, finances or whatever to become your pets new owner and provide for them the things you cannot.

Next in the list of possible new owners would be your NEIGHBOURS. Again, these are people whom your pet may have met and you know as well. It will help put your mind at ease knowing that your pet is close-by, if it is living with children, or whether it has a nice fenced yard and so forth.

If the above options do not pan out, your VERY NEXT consideration should be your local HUMANE SOCIETY. Now many people often get upset when thinking of their beloved pet going to a shelter. What if they can’t afford to keep them? What if they run out of space? What if they don’t get adopted and spend months living in a kennel? While all these are legitimate concerns, the thing to remember is that these places have connections. They have access to reduced veterinary care, they have contacts with breed-specific rescues, and they generally have very qualified staff that will be looking after your pet while waiting for adoption. Shelters also have a lot of exposure of the pets available via use of websites, blogs, chat rooms and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so forth. Probably the BEST reason for choosing your local Humane Society is the fact that there are DOZENS of people coming thru daily specifically looking for a new family member and potential adopters are SCREENED before they are allowed to get a pet., This way the shelter knows that these new owners Understand what they are getting into financially and they have stable homes, stable incomes etc.

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