Pet Insurance – Is it Worth the Money?

Pet Insurance – Is it Worth the Money?

As with Home, Life and Auto insurance, people are always shopping around, looking for the “best” quote.

With pet insurance, however – one must consider what, and what not is or isn’t included in the coverage.

There are dozens of companies offering Pet Insurance plans of all types and in all forms of coverage protection and costs. The key for the pet owner is to understand what Each type of Accident or illness is covered, how much is covered at one time, how much will be covered for an on-going issue, and how much that they, the pet owner, will have to pay out (their deductable) themselves for each vet visit, or treatment.

Some pet insurance plans may offer what appears to be great coverage for a small monthly fee – but may turn out to be more expensive in the long run by only covering a certain percentage of the amount required to treat any given accident or illness, or, by requiring that the pet owner pay a large deductable for each incident.

Still other policies may pay out more for the initial accident or heath issue – but then will not pay any more towards any further treatments or complications after the original treatment has been provided.

This would include such issues as long-term physical rehab or pain medications for a pet hit by a motor vehicle, complications arising from a surgical procedure or treatment, or future kidney/liver problems from a pet that had ingested a toxin or poison.

With the huge amount of medical issues and accident types that are possible, and the vast array of medical treatments available to treat these issues, pet insurance plans can be very tricky to understand, and even trickier to decide on which to purchase. It is important that the pet owner review several types of policies and plans before signing up to something that will not be all they expected it to be when an issue arises.

Need help sorting it out? Check with family, friends and co-workers and see what types of pet insurance they carry – and how well it has worked out when they needed it.

Check with your Veterinarian. Find out which pet insurance companies are reputable and easy to deal with. Do they pay the vet directly or does the owner pay for everything up front and get reimbursed for a portion later? Which companies and/or plans offer lower deductibles for the amount of coverage they provide? Which companies and/or plans are difficult to get funds from for future problems arising from an earlier accident or illness? What companies and/or plans are more sensitive to the potential needs of pet breeds with a higher overall rate of cancers, liver, kidney and heart problems or musclo-skeletal problems?

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