Surgeries – Scheduled vs Sudden

Surgeries – Scheduled vs Sudden

There are basically 3 types of major surgical procedures.

One – the “Scheduled” surgery. This is a surgery such as spaying or neutering that is planned for and pre-booked.

Two – the “Sudden” surgery. These are surgeries that are not planned and come up suddenly. They are typically wound repairs (serious cuts or burns),bone fractures, damaged/rotted teeth and such. Although they are sudden, you often have a couple hours to decide on how to proceed, find the appropriate funds, and prepare for the follow-up care.

Three – the “Immediate” surgery. Although a sudden, unexpected procedure – this type of surgery is extremely urgent in nature, requiring immediate attention. There is little or no time for preparation and a decision needs to be made immediately as to whether to proceed or not. This is often the case when a pet has been hit by a motor vehicle and has severe internal injuries, or has been attacked by another animal, an internal tumour has ruptured, a severe foreign body impaction, an eye has been dislodged from its socket, has been shot with a firearm or projectile like a bow.

As the pet owner can well imagine, there are several costs associated with each type of surgery. There is the initial cost of assessment and diagnostics then the surgery itself. This is often followed by other costs associated with the initial surgery such as re-checks, medications, follow-up x-rays, rehabilitation, bloodwork and so forth. Very little time is available to discuss and plan for the entire process, especially in the cases when immediate intervention is required.

Often a pet owner will be in an emotional state and not able to think clearly when presented with a sudden emergency. This is when rash decisions are made that will have financial ramifications in the near future. Having a plan prepared will help alleviate some of the stress if the time ever comes.

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