So You’re Ready to Pick Up your New Pet -Has the Seller Done Their Part?

So You’re Ready to Pick Up your New Pet -Has the Seller Done Their Part?

Well, you’ve finally chosen an animal to add to your family and you’re ready to sign the papers and hand over the cash -but, has the Seller done their part?

The last thing you want to happen is have the joy of your new addition drained by the discovery of hidden costs that you did not anticipate.

Is the pet up to date on its’ Vaccinations? With the cost of a vaccine appointment ranging from $80 to $140, you will want to make sure your new pet is not only protected against potential health issues, you need to know what costs you will need to bear if it is not. If the pet is old enough and is not up-to-date on its shots – what else has the previous owner neglected?  Is the animal already spayed or neutered? This too, is a $150 to $800 investment depending on the type of pet. How are the teeth? Heavy tarter, inflamed gums and bad breath all point to another expense that you will need to pay out in the near future. De-worming? Flea prevention? Heartworm and Lyme Disease prevention? These ailments can often cost hundreds of dollars to treat. How is the pets skin? Odorous? Is it just a dirty pet – or is there a medical condition going on that needs treatment?

Whether Adopting or Purchasing a pet – there are hidden cost potentially hiding in plain sight that could cost you more than you bargained for.

Ask questions, get a copy of the latest veterinary exams, have a hands-on look at the pet yourself, or bring someone with you that knows what they are looking at/for. While it is definitely in the pets best interest to find a “new home”, it will be of no benefit to them if you are not the one that can financially provide it for them.

When it comes to the financial aspect of a pet changing hands, often times either the seller will have to reduce their fee, or you – the new owner, will need to have a financial reserve available to take on any additional costs required.

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